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  1. Hello all, I thought to drop back to report about my success. It was pretty hard to find information about the subject but with a lot of patience and different approaches I managed to get the damn thing working. What I used was software toolbox TOP opc-server to open the PLC registry to labview and then it was more about creating the actual logic program with STEPS7. Used SFC14 ja SFC15-functions and data blocks to bypass the 4 byte continuous limitation of PLC. It has been a steep learning curve but I have enjoyed programming with labVIEW. -Mize
  2. First of all, thank you dswaine for you reply. It provided help. Since my first post things have evolved to a point where I can give simple boolean orders to the PLC, which then inserts pre-defined attributes to the ACH550-01 motor/frequency converter. The motor runs and there is a OPC server opening the PLC registry to LabVIEW via datasocket connection. Now I am in a need of advice on how to write hex-values in labVIEW to let say address: PQW 258. I think I need something like slider which converts the values from 0-100 % to 0-4000hex and then writes this value to OPC-address. Would anyone have an example on how to do this? -Mize
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