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  1. Hi There, Thanks for the quick, insightful replies. It would seem this is the ideal place for me to ask. I just dug up my school enrollment papers to fax, so I'll pick the student package next week - barring any bizzare acts of salesman intervention. Student Edition splashed accross the front - a little annoying, but I'll live. It should be a good enough learning tool to let me decide if I want to go "Pro" with a marketable product, or keep this for fun. Considering the ever-advancing scope of hobby robotics, NI might consider a version of LabVIEW geared towards the user between the student and the full-blown Pro version (cost, not functionality). I read Nuts-N-Volts, Servo, and Robot magazine, along with other publications, and having watched the momentum of hobbiest electronics and robotics grow all the way to the DARPA Grand Challenge, FIRST robotics, and many others, it may be a good market to explore. I've seen lots of very technically savvy ten-year-olds working in robotics who will likely become professionals with lots of software purchasing power. As far as the cost and complexity of using LabVIEW for handeling video, that's the easiest solution. I will most likely use something a Linksys video wi-fi system or even more likely a simple video transmitter/receiver system. The transmitter/receiving actually gives me the most camera options for the lowest cost/complexity. For networking, I will most likely go wi-fi with an ad-hoc network. I don't see any reason to go bluetooth at this time and don't see it's benefits for my application. Thanks again, and much appreciated, Paul
  2. Hello, I'm new here and am new to LabVIEW. I am a robotics hobbiest and am considering purchasing LabVIEW 8 Student Edition to advance some of my projects. As a student, I qualify for the cheaper edition, but am always leary when a $1,000 to $4,000 software package sells for $80. Is it the same? What are the all of the additional parts, add-ons, modules surrounding the full, Professional editions? Pretty clueless, eh? So, I'm a proficient computer user and have written a number of robotic interface applications in VB6 with good success. While VB6 will probably work for everything I'm trying to accomplish, it is painfully tedious and research-intensive to get even moderately complex functions to work predictably. Which brings me here. . . I'm looking for a more straigtforward approach to developing the networked, I/O functions associated with telerobitics and so far, it appears LabVIEW may be the answer. Initially, I'm hoping to do the following: Link PCs wirelessly, share data back-and-forth between them, utilize the serial and USB ports for general I/O functions, and have graphical representation of signals and running processes. I would also like to add real-time video and some automated control loops for local control. I'm currently reading the NI pdf documentation and the concepts are pretty clear, but I figured a few well-informed users could probably give me a useful direction much quicker. :worship: Sound feasible? Any words of wisdom, suggestions, tell me what to go do with myself? Feedback and details are much appreciated. Thanks much!
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