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  1. Not the only concern, as the application is already written with all the formula nodes. But sure I'll keep your suggestions under consideration. Thank you very much
  2. That's a possibility that I already knew. I gave up because of the modifications needed to adapt the actual formula nodes, and also because of the limitations about the variables name (a, a0... z, z0...). The content of the formula node instead can use any type of strings, i.e. "Energy", "Mass", that makes the formula self explaining.
  3. I think that the use of the pre build action is a way to get the info that I need very interesting. I will do some test to see if it can fit my needs... Thank you very much for your effort.
  4. Yeah, that what I've thought to do as well; the problem is that there will be many formulas in the application, so discipline required is a lot. On the other hand the limitation of the script parser is not accettable. I just wonder why NI didn't put a read only property for the formula node where you can get what is written inside as a string.
  5. Infact, I forgot to tell you that the project is set so the block diagram of the VI where the formula node is contained is not removed. But it doesn't work anyway. But I don't want to change it with the run time engine. I want only to read it. Only the developer will be able to change it, and this is the way it has to be. I want the user to be able only to get how the formula is written. Never used... I would prefer to find a solution inside LabVIEW, but if there is no way I'll give that a chance.
  6. Hi guys, new to LAVA forum, this is my first post here. I'm a long time LabVIEW user, and I'm stuck with a problem... so I thought maybe some one here could help me. There is a formula node in my application (more than one, but let's find the solution for one), and the developer can change the formula depending on how it want to customize the application. What I need to do is to show the content of the formula node to the user, so he knows exactly what's the formula in use at the moment. This must work on the deployed application, so with the run time engine. Infact the developer build the application after the customization of the formula. I have tried the following: 1) I put the formula node in a separate VI, in order to capture the block diagram image and then show that image to the user. I've used the BD.Get Image Scaled method, but it's clearly written in the help that id doesn't work with the run time engine. 2) Using the report generation toolkit I can call the Append VI Block Diagram to Report to an HTML report. I can't find in the help if it is supposed to work in run time engine, but I've had bad experiences in the past with that tool. And it doesn't seem to work. 3) I've tried a different approach using the labview scripting. I'm able to open the object reference to the formula node and then to load its content in a string with the property Formula Expression. But once the application is built it doesn't work, even if I'm not creating any code with the scripting, just reading. In the end I don't care if the formula is captured on an image rather than a string, or whatever... but it must be what is written in the formula node inside the executable. Just wonder if I've used the above methods in a wrong way, or if there is a different way to do it. Thanks Max
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