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  1. LabVIEW executable (or LabVIEW source code when debugging). I need simulate clicking the "start" button and "X" of the window to close the executable. During some steps of the sequence, this mother window will pop out a children window or dialog. I need simulate enter a barcode (string), clicking the "OK" button. Then sequence will run ned step. Please provide some example LabView code can perform above functions. Thank you so much !
  2. Thank you for example of key enter and mouse click ! One more question, in Labview, how to get the handle/ref of the running windows/dialog ? And the handle of the button/string box on that window ? Basically, the application (exe) is running will pop up a dialig with 1~3 buttons and one input box. Now I have to enter the string and click button through key board manually. I need code a separate Labview tool to click button, enter string on that dialog. Many thanks for your time and help !
  3. I just need an example vi or tool can do following automatically instead of mouse click and enter keyboard: 1. Detect the application window (handle), click one of the buttons(most of time just a OK button) on it. 2. Fill out one blank try on the window. (I already have vi can read strings from file). In the test, I have to repeat above 2 steps hundreds of times, with click different button, enter string manually. Now I do it manually which is boring and time consuming. I want to automate the test and have some vi to read string from file, decide which button to cl
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