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  1. Hi LogMan, Thanks For the reply. The DLL is C++ compile using visual basic. I have found the edk.dll somewhere else. How do I include it into the dependency tree? I tried include it into the project folder and the folder mentioned above but still doesn't work. Do I somehow need to recompile the whole thing with edk.dll?
  2. Thanks, Aficionado for the advice, really appreciate that. I tried to recompile the dll in VS 2010. Orignally, it was compiled in VS 2008. After recompiling the dll, the is no longer side-by-side configuration error. However, a new error comes up where labview cannot locate "edk.dll" and declared it as missing or yet to be installed eventhough I placed it at the same folder with the dll. Is there any way to enable Labview to find edk.dll?
  3. Hi, I am having trouble where Labview does not detect the required "edk.dll" file (as missing) eventhought it is in the same VI directory. Any help is appreciated attached are the images labviewsystemerror.png shows the error stated. labviewsystemerror2.png show the labview library explore (edk.all not detected) labviewsystemerror3.png show the edk.dll is in the same folder as the LabviewEmotiv.dll
  4. Hi everyone, I had linked a *.dll using 'Import Shared Library'. However, I encounter this error once it is done: Your generated files are installed in the following folder: C:Program FilesNational InstrumentsLabVIEW 2013user.libLabVIEW_Emotiv_emostate_EEG Parsing header file warnings: No errors/warnings occurred when parsing the header file. The following errors/warnings occurred when generating the wrapper VIs for this shared library. VI Not Executable The VI is not executable because of one of the following reasons: 1. The shared library or a dependent file is not installed. To make the VI executable, you must install the shared library and all support files on the computer on which you run the VI. 2. A required custom control might be empty or cannot be found. To make the VI executable, update the custom control manually. 3. The VI contains a parameter with an unsupported data type. To make the VI executable, you must replace the empty cluster that the wizard generates with a control or indicator that uses supported data types. ARRAY2D.vi ARRAY2D Handle.vi Dll Main.vi LVEE Data Collectfor EEG.vi LVEE Engine Connect.vi LVEE Engine Get Next Event.vi LVEE Engine Get Next Eventfor EEG.vi LVEE Engine Get Next Eventfor Emostateand EEG.vi LVEE Engine Remote Connect.vi LVEE Number Of Data Samplefor EEG.vi array2ddataoutfor EEG.vi arraydataout.vi arraydataouthandle.vi eegcontrolinitf.vi eegcontrolstopf.vi emocontrolinitf.vi emocontrolstopf.vi And then, when I was trying to create a 'call library function node' , the library failed to load. It comes with this error : 'This application failed to start because of its side-by-side configuration is incorrect' Any help is appreciated ^^ Thanks.
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