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  1. Sorry Mr. Hooovah. I didn't understand what you are saying
  2. Thank you Mr. hoovahh for your effort in help. while programming I will keep in mind your suggestions I need one more help. Apart from this VI in my application I want to call and display image from a folder in a timely manner, such as Images should be changed (refreshed) one by one in a timely manner,say an interval of 10 sec.I saw your VI in the forum for calling images from folder but how can it be altered in a timely manner.
  3. Hello I got a image editor VI that performs various color assignments (RGB) to the single image on different combinations. I want to modify it in such a way that I can select a certain portion(ROI) and assign a combination(eg;RG) on that part and select another ROI and assign diffrent combination (RB) etc... Output image should contain an image with different combinations on selected parts. Is it possible??? Jpeg Color Editor.vi
  4. I am using an off-axis holographic system for recording. Reconstruction is performed via Fresnel Integral. The sample is a rectangular metal sheet (6x2) with a clip attached. Can you just post a VI showing how to extract phase from an image (in my case a hologram) without IMAQ.
  5. You are right Thomas. I am working on digital holography.Thanks for the references. for phase extraction I have multiplied the phase factor to the Fourier transform of the hologram(Fresnel Integral) and phase is calculated using 'IMAQ complex plane to image ' module . I had attached the extracted phase. I had doubt that what I got is not correct. Can you please check it. Thanks for your support
  6. Hello Guys I am trying to develop a VI, image fading that can fade a selected ROI of an image. But after fading I can't retain the orginal image including the faded portion. Does anyone know how to perform it .The VI is attached below Image fading.vi
  7. Thank you both!!! So for unwrapping the phase part of complex image I have to covert it into 2D array right.
  8. Hello Does anyone know how to perform phase unwrapping in LabVIEW.
  9. Greg.. I got some interesting results by implementing your suggestions(taking FFT before multiplication) in my code. Now I have to do some image processing too. Can you Please provide me some helpful links.. I realized the error in for loop but couldn't correct it (some basic confusions) and I'm posting the VI Thank you very much Greg for your support retrying exp part.vi
  10. Hey Greg.. In my project I have to capture a interference pattern(hologram of an object) using a CCD & that hologram image is processed numerically to get back the image .The image of vi's and code is attached and in the code R(k,l) is taken as 1 and h(k,l) is the input image.Can you ensure what I have done is right... Thnx for your time
  11. Thnx Greg.. You got it right. Although I got the output wrong. Can you tell me how to extract magnitude from the output image
  12. While implementing inverse Fourier Transform an error pops out and I don't know how to solve it .The image of VI is attached. Please help me.
  13. Hey guys I'm new to LabVIEW. Coding phase of my project is done in LabVIEW and need help. I have to multiply an 8 bit gray scale image (R(k,l)) to an exponential factor exp(−iπ/λd(k2x2 + l2y2)) and perform IFFT. please help me... Thanks in advance
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