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  1. We are considering porting a very large (~50,000 nodes) LabView application from Windows to Linux. My web searches are turning up bits and pieces of information regarding the differences between the 2, but I'd like to hear from someone who's gone through this exercise. Any words of wisdom? :2cents:
  2. NI has suggested that for the purpose of node count/SLOC comparisons that 1 node = 1 line of code. What are some of you using in the workplace to provide metrics on your LabView code?
  3. I'm opening (and yes, closing) references to several INI files using LabViews config file VIs. Even though I'm closing those files, I see by using the Profiler that Config Data Registry.vi just continues to grow and grow. Besides closing the file after accessing it, what can I do to get it to release memory?
  4. I'm using LV 7.0. The data socket server often fails to start properly when we run our application on a dual processor PC. Has anyone else seen that? Any solutions or workarounds?
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