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  1. Thanks, Hooovahh. Your VI didn't work because the "traverse" subVI was missing. However, I've put together a working VI in LV2013, without subVIs, and saved it to LV851 as you suggest. I opened in LV851, one last minor change and voilá! It worked. Thank you all. LAVA is a great support resource. Kind regards, Daniel
  2. Thanks, Greg. However, one thing I did not mention is that the code I want to inspect is in LabVIEW 8.5.1. I can inspect my LV851 code from LV 2013 using VI Scripting, but now I wonder if there is one method I can use from within LV851. Kind regards.
  3. Hello. I need to get all the string constants in the block diagram of a bunch of VIs, programmatically, and save them to a CSV file. What would be the most effective method? Regards, Daniel
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