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  1. Hi Mark Balla. Many thanks for your clarification, That is why every time you copy and paste the Elapsed Time Express VI it has a different name with incremental numbers. Now I understand why it doesn't reset after the 1st round. What is reset is a clone of the VI, not the same VI. Now I can start to consider using the Elapsed Time Express VI again as it saves time making a timer of my own. Did you have a chance to look at my solution for the CLD exam samples ? If so , can you give me some feedback please. Many thanks SiBenApril04
  2. Hi Mark Balla. Thanks very much for looking at my solutions. Can you let me know about the problem with the elapsed time express VI that I mentioned in my earlier Email please. Has anyone else seen this problem? Many thanks SiBenApril04
  3. Hi all, I am going to take my CLD exam on 06/09 . 1st, here are my sample exams solutions. They all seem to work very well , but not the ATM. About the traffic light I have done it with 2 types of timers one with a timer I made by using get date /time in Seconds and the other one with the elapsed time express VIs. They are identicall, I just replaced the get date time timer with the elapsed time express Vi. The 1st one works perfectly. The 2nd one works until it comesback to initialise after the 1st round then it fails to reset although I am explicitly setting it to rest in the initialisation state. This one reason I don't trust the elapsed time express VI. I'd rather spend time making my own timer than be dodged by the peculiarity of the elapsed time express VI. Can anyone explain to me what I am doing wrong when using the the elapsed time express VI. Many thanks to all of you who help. Those who don't ask questions don't learn. Those who learn will always ask questions. CLD Preparation 092014.zip
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