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  1. Dear Mr. Rolf Kalbermatter, Seems that I mentioned your name wrong in the previous post. I do apologize for that. By the way, your suggestion really really help, thanks so much. Have a great day, Fedly Chan.
  2. By the way, I have the plan to buy Labview for Windows 7. Is it possible to re-compile my program (that was made using Labview 4) using Labview for Windows 7 ? Can Labview for Windows 7 read my 'Labview 4' program ? Thank you, Fedly Chan.
  3. Dear Mr. Aficionado, Thankyou so much for your nice reply. Yes you are right, Labview 4 is very very old, I am using it, unbeliavable. I will read your suggestion carefully, great day Mr. Aficionado.
  4. Hello, My name is Fedly Chan. Currently, I am facing problem when I try to read Interbase Data on Windows 7 (that act as server). I created program to access Interbase data on Server, with Labview Ver.4. The program could display accessed data, and also can manipulate the data (create, delete, update). The server is using Windows XP. The program access the Interbase data also from Computer that run with Windows XP. I have plan to change the Server into Windows 7. I tried to access the Interbase data from the Server (Windows 7). But error message appear : "100 CINLoad dll setup error." It seemed that I need to install the SQL Toolkids on the Server, SQL Toolkids that work under Windows 7. I tried to install SQL Toolkids (the old version that I have with me) on the Windows7, but it did not work, it said that because of the different environment. Frankly, when I check the price for this SQL Toolkids, it's quite expensive, can somebody help me with this problem... Many thanks, Fedly Chan. (jsum0702@gmail.com)
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