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  1. Hello, I want to implement controller level redundancy in a cRIO based system. I am considering cRIO 9144 as base chassis, connected to 2 cRIO controllers over ethernet/ethercat. So that if one controller fails, other one could take over. I have seen daisy chaining in this tutorial http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/7400 but want to know if redundancy can also be implemented. Thanks Vinamra
  2. Thanks a lot. This is what I was looking for.
  3. Hi I am looking for computer id which we also see in Licence manager.( 16 digit) my os is windows. Thanks
  4. Hi How can I retrieve computer id of my system in Labview, programatically. Thanks Vinamra
  5. This is awesome.... Exact what i was looking for. :thumbup:
  6. Hi I have a software which pops up a window where the name of the file is to be written in the pop up. This window is similar to one we get if we do not give a file path in our FILE I/O functions in Labview. Is there some way Labview could know whenever this window pops up because of the third party software Thanks Vinamra.
  7. Hi Can I connect Labview with SAP. If yes, is there some material or document I can use for help. Thanks Vronto
  8. I am acquiring signal from an accelerometer and want to integrate it to get velocity in signla express. I could not find and integration function in signal express 2.5. Is there some way of doing it. Thanks
  9. Hello , I am working on cRIO and wish to know this about FPGA. What is the base clock of a FPGA chip( 40 MHz or 200 MHz). If 40 MHz is base clock then how is 200 MHz derived from it. ( I mean ho we divide one clock tick into 5) Awaiting a response. Thanks
  10. Hello I am using PCI 6711 card and generating dual channel analog output frequecy 100Hz to 10 KHz. I generated sine wave amplitute +-2.5 volts by this card and tested it. I was getting correct value but when I connnect termination resisitance of 50 ohms I start seeing clipping after 800mv. Can anone suggest me on why this is happenning. Thanks Vronto
  11. HI thanks a lot..... I have got the breakthrough.. My program is working now... regards Vronto
  12. HI I have tried the way as you said.. connected reference from camera to property node.. there were a number of attributes but none was for exposure. Please send me the screenshot ,it will help me to get a break through. Thanks for your help vronto
  13. HI I am using NI IMAQ 1394... Can you please tell me which VI or function is to be used to control . Thanks for lasr reply
  14. Hi I am using a firewire camera to make a movie and analyse in real time I have to decrease the exposure time to 1/64 sec. Is there any vi using which I can change the exposure time manually or any labview function to adjust the properties of camera . thanks in advance vronto31
  15. Hi I have to make a VI to acquire image in real time at 15 FPS and find the center of the light spot of the colours RGB by breaking the image in RGB. I tried and made the attached program but the speed that I get is only 3 or 4 frames/sec, I am using a firewire camera and resolutionis 1024*768.(this resolution is a required) I attach the vi please guide me about what mistake I am doing. Thanks Download File:post-5265-1152890557.vi Download File:post-5265-1152890614.vi
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