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  1. Thank you Jordan, Is there any perfect example. Is there any way by using Excel set color and border vi, With this I am able to change the border color but not cell color.
  2. How to change the cell color in Excel programmatically depends on the result(Pass, Fail and Not tested). I am generating report with signal name, value and the result and result are 3 different states(Pass, Fail, Not Tested). Each state should have one color. Can anyone suggest how do it?
  3. Well...Thank you. I am not going to show any graphs or charts in my html report. I am performing some calculation in multiple case structures based on some can message filtering. Results from all those case structures I would like write in one file. Could some attached some example VI.
  4. Now I am able to store my results into a file. But I am unable to do for multiple cases. Could someone suggest how to do it?
  5. Sorry, I did not get your point. I have attached VI. I am evaluating different types checks. I would like generate those results along with the values into a report. Please could anybody suggest me how to proceed? NEO VI Example.llb
  6. Thank you Jordan Kuehn. I have checked those links. I think there is no much information in first link and in second link is like direct option to printer.
  7. Hi, I would like to generate the results in to html report and I should have control from front panel. Attached html template and front panel screen shots Report.html
  8. In my case, I am receiving continuously 100, 101, 102 Msg ids. From this I need to evaluate Case1: Byte0, Byte1 from Msg id 100, bit1 in Byte1 from 101 Msg id Case 2: Byte2, Byte3 from Msg id 100, bit1 in Byte0 from 101 Msg id and Byte6, Byte7 from 102 Msg id Case 3: bit#0 in Byte6 from Msg id 100, Byte2&Byte3 from 101 Msg id and Byte0&1 from 102 msg id. Here I would like to test one case at a time and I need to control from front panel.
  9. Thanks a lot Jcarmody and Hooovahh. I have one question, Is there any way to control case structure from the front panel. Here I need perform different types of evaluations on same messages. I do not want to do all at a time.
  10. Presently I am able to evaluate one message as show in attached Capture1 image. Now I would like to do evaluate multiple messages like as shown in attached Capture1 image. Do I need to multiple case structure for every message Id or is there any other way to evaluate? Could some one Please help. Attached complete VI NEO VI Example.llb
  11. After adding this VI is unable to communicate with the device. Could you please help and I do not want to display all the elements of spy message only data to be displayed.
  12. I have attached VI which I am trying to modify as per my requirement. NEO VI Example.llb
  13. Thank you. I have gone through the some of the trainings that you have posted and I did some practical things but I am unable to make it. Yeah I can agree I should have tried more. Sorry for that.
  14. I am unable to do it. Could you please show in some picture where exactly I have to implement this. And I would you like display all messages in one place also based on the requirement I have to display particular message id with data, I need to compare the one of the byte with min and max values then display with pass or fail result.
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