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  1. hello. I have nine points with their respective x, y. I make these points in the following matriz I attached image (the first coordinate point corresponds to the first row of the matrix) I am using script math but not think the idea of how. Thank you regards
  2. Hello. In my program I'm detecting a circle, I'm detecting several coordinates of the same circle, my question is how can I store 10 coordinates of the same circle. Thank you
  3. Hello. Continuing my doubts in machine vision in forum What I've said what I have done, I save 10 times the circle, save 10 times each coordinate of the circle. Where I can save coordendas in a matrix in excel. I do not know where I can store 10 coordinates. Thank you
  4. Hi, I am making an application in the same circle I detect several, I want to save the coordinates and make the arithmetic mean of their positions. Can anyone explain me how to save multiple positions of the circle. The circle as detected through detection Circle (Found CIrcle) Thank
  5. Hello. I'm doing a project in which I want to create this pattern that I attached. The pattern of nine points have to know its coordinates. If anyone can give me any idea how to do this in labview, I would appreciate Thank you regards
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