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  1. I haven't run across that yet but I will keep watch for it. So far I'm making my DVR locking sections as small as possible. I'm thinking in some timing critical members I will have to hand-optimize by caching everything I need so I don't need to read the attributes at all. Thankfully there are not very many of those. I may not have my terminology all up to standard. But GOOP4 is indeed implemented in terms of native LVOOP + Data Value References. Oh Wow. Like C++ or Python to LabVIEW?
  2. A quick follow-up for now: The GOOP2 to GOOP3 conversion tool left a few things in an incorrect state. All things I could correct most likely. It failed to notice one parent-child relationship in the class hierarchy. Also some of the NEW methods were not executable but I didn’t dig in to figure out exactly why. However, the software framework I am porting relied upon some other tricky LabVIEW techniques, some of which also won’t port cleanly. So I’m porting it using a “clean room†approach making new classes in GOOP4 and repackaging the existing code. Also making so
  3. I started a topic on the NI GOOP forums today about running out of memory when running the GOOP2 to GOOP3 conversion tool. I pared back my ambitions and got it to finish. However my code is all quite broken so I must not be taking the right approach. Background: We have been developing electronic test systems for radio astronomy receivers and their sub-assemblies since 2005. We started on LabVIEW 7.1 and settled on 8.6.1 with Endevo GOOP 3.0.5 as the production development environment. We did not want to change platforms until the project was through its construction phase. Now
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