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  1. Thanks for all the responses! We're slowly working our way through, removing globals sequence structures. The array itself is no longer a global, but there are still some other (much smaller) globals and probably still lots of room for improvement. After many tests, we were still falling short of our target. Until I read Shaun's post. I noticed that in your final example, you're using a shift register for the array, instead of just connecting the array through the loop. I had been connecting it through the loop - making this change made all of the difference for us! So I assume th
  2. Hello all, We have an application that needs to run (approxomately) at a set frequency. We're having trouble hitting our mark, and we've idenfied the bottleneck as a read from a 2D array, which happens once per cycle. The array size is something like 800000x6, and once each cycle, we extract a row and pass the 6 values along. When we replace the array read with constants, we achieve our 8 msec target. We've tried a few different methods to access the data, but haven't found any noticable improvement. Here's what we've tried: After some searching, we thought an "In Place Struc
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