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  1. I didn't realize that all I needed was to send a "xmodem" serial string. Add a few second wait and then use "VISA SEND VI" with my firmware file. KISS "Keep It Simple Stupid" Thanks everyone
  2. I got it !!!!!! Thank you, to all those who helped. I was making it much more difficult than it really was.
  3. I have sent out a "xmodem" in a string with carriage return. I am sniffing the transmit out of my UART. The UART transmit line then continuously sends a negative acknowledgement (NAK). Am I on the right track?
  4. I am nearly as confused as before. Is it safe to assume that I only need to initiate the send computer since my receive computer is a microcontroller?
  5. I have sniffed the communication using UART to USB interfaces with Hyper-terminal. I sniffed the file going out and the communication being sent back. I saved these in files. When I started the transfer the receiving end transmission sent out a two uppercase "C"s and then 1451 Acknowledgements (Looking a file through Notepad++) The last portion in the receiving file is a CAN (again viewed through Notepad++) Where do I start with the x-modem vi libraries? Do I Initiate receiving first or send or something else?
  6. Currently I send serially a collection of hex files that have been dubbed a “FW†file via HyperTerminal in Xmodem format to an embedded device. I would like to do this in LabVIEW. I am not familiar with where I should start. I have used the Calculate XMODEM CRC-16 (File input).vi with my FW file. The Calculate XMODEM CRC-16 (File input).vi appears to handle the FW file accurately. It calculates the length accurately. I don’t know where to start in order to send the file serially to the embedded device in a Xmodem format.
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