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  1. Yes that was the issue. I changed my testing VI so it didn't go into idle and now it works as intended. Thank you very much for your help
  2. I'm having some issues with a LabVIEW driver I'm writing for a Mensor CPC 6000 pressure controller. Issue I open the TCP Connection using the LV "TCP Open Connection" VI, and can then successfully read various values from the Mensor, such as "id", "gasDensity", etc., using the "TCP Write" and "TCP Read" VIs wired with the connectionID refnum. I save the connectionID in a shift register and want to use this connectionID to write and read values the next time the VI is executed, however as soon as I perform a "statusUpdate", "TCP Write" returns Error Code 1. Tests already performed I've confirmed that I'm not accidentally closing the reference in LabVIEW. I've confirmed that the connectionID is saved correctly in the shift register (by casting it to type U32 and comparing outputs and inputs after each execution) If I open a new connection and immediately perform my "statusUpdate" the expected values are returned possible cause? is LabVIEW or Windows automatically performing some clean-up in the background leading to an invalid reference, or is something with my hardware setup funky? Setup: Hardware setup: PC running Windows 8 and LV2016, directly connected to Mensor CPC 6000 using a crosswired ethernet cable. Mensor IP Config: Address,, Subnet Mask:, Port: 6000 PC IP Config: IP Address,, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway The driver is a simple affair (see attached VI snippet for the VI which reads strings from the Mensor) Any help would be appreciated!
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