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  1. but it could be some alternating demand and the controller adds or subtracts? Then it sees squarewave plus its response? Or would I have to do a shift register of sorts? Seems it does not do much better with a sinewave. PID 02 autotune feedback.vi
  2. added feedback. But autotune is still not working. It just flickers and the results are NaN (not a number)PID 01 autotune feedback.vi
  3. Hello, why does aurotune not work in the attached vi? Plus if I change the setpoint, shouldnt the PID output change as well? I.e., if say the pump needs to pump more, has to spin faster? or at least, have to ramp up once to fill to a new level and then oscillate again, since the amplitude is the same. Its a squarewave on the input, the help says, when the process is oscillating, outotune should come up with something. The squarewave kind of oscillates just around 2 levels? Thanks, MorboPID 01 autotune.vi
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