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  1. The worst example of bad labview code i've ever seen was a monstrous 16 MB VI without any subVI. I guess it had about 300 screen sizes, when viewed in 1280x1024 px. Something like 20 screens wide and 15 screens high. Unfortunately, i can't provide an image of that thing...(not only because of the size, but due to legal reasons) Fortunately, i wasn't the guy to redesign that piece of LV-**** :laugh:
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    Hi everybody, i'd just like to introduce myself. My real name ist Matthias and i'm working as an measurement engineer in a small german company, which produces many kinds of sensors. i'm using labview for about 3 or 4 years now and all started with some optical measurement system in a project back in university days...labview 7.1 was the weapon of choice then. now it's 6.1 for me. back to the good ol' days or something like that i've searched for help in this forum whenever i'd been stumbling over some labview problems. i think the time has come to try to be more than a passive member gre
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