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  1. My intension for this template was to fill the gap between the Actor Framework and standard QMH. I never wanted to recreate the AF. When I first got a look at the AF I didn't get it. After a tutorial on youtube I got the understanding of AF but I feel somehow a distance I can't describe to the AF. It feels like AF is free floating in Hyperspace or so. Because of this I wanted to create a template with some benefits of OOP but more grounded and I started this template. And yes, AF is great way to get things done but in my opinion not very easy to understand. Thanks, Peter
  2. Hi, I tried to create a template based on OOP for QMH. During development I have been confronted with infinite crashes of LabVIEW so I decided to slow down with this project and open it to the community. I finished my working example and stopped for now. So if anyone is interested to play around with the code, see attached ZIP file (LV 2020). Cu, Peter MHT.zip
  3. Easy way to roughly get VI running time +/- a few ms LV2013: Timing Probe.vi
  4. Fill Tree Control with actual opened LabVIEW Project(s) LV2013: ProjectTree.vi
  5. Hi, recently I posted an idea in the exchange forum for adding support of sortable headers in bookmark manager: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Bookmark-Manager-Sort-by-column/idi-p/3136830 So I started to develop a small addin you only need to place somewhere near your code to get the sorting for Listbox, MCListbox, Tree and Table (Table with [shift]-Click). For Listbox and MCListbox all seems fine, for Tree sometimes you get a crash (I nutshelled this behaviour to the "Sort Children"-Node and reported it). With Table integrated the stopping of this remote VI seems to be delayed. Don't know why. I'm not sure if I'm on the right way... Peter Edit: Bugfixing: added wait for Frontpanel not closed -> Rev.156 (now works in LV2014) added little bit error handling reworked example (File LV2014) SortTable(rev.156).zip Added here in Bookmark Manager:
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