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  1. This is read pressure sub vi I didnt upload the time delay sub vi because it is working properly ejm_gpib_read_pressure.vi
  2. Sorry, For the late response been busy. First, I am not sure if you are aware that the computer that I type on and the computer that I work on are to completely different computers. The one with the code on it is not connected to the internet so the only way i see possibly to transfer the information to this computer is flash drive, which to fault on my own I don't have. Second, I am not sure how to convert a picture to a text file that you are requesting. Finally, I think the use of language in the conversation we had was a little belittling so hopefully you used this information for future new comers. But i do not care as long as you provide me with information.
  3. Well, I will tell you everything to the best of my knowledge since I am just a student who is just learning Labview and was not the one the created the program or set up the ion gauge. The ion gauge is hot filament ion gauge that is attached to ultrahigh vacuum chamber that functions by collecting gas ions through electrons collisions. As the gas ions is being collected the flow of the ions creates a current. the current would differ for different gases at same pressure. Our ion gauge displays the pressure that is connected to the computer through GPIB connection. My Professor created a code that was made to read the pressure that is displayed on the ion gauge. So I really do not know how it functions but I know that it works because we ran it through different programs before and it worked perfectly. So I copied the exact same function to my program and put it in a while loop and ran the program which gave me an error and pointed to the code that was supposed to read the ion gauge. I originally thought it was the connection and it was not communicating with the ion gauge but I restarted the ion gauge this allowed the program to work momentarily but it crashes shortly after. The strangest part is that after the code stopped working on the newest program it stopped working on the old ones as well. here is a picture of it
  4. The error is in a function that was made to read the pressure off ion gauge. And I not sure where to post this then because on my computer shows that this is in the general section where question that does not fall in the other categories.
  5. In the making of a program my group noticed an error popped up when we tried to run a program. Even though none of the equipment changed and similar program using the same functions was functional before it created an error in this program. The Error number is 6. After that we tried to run the original functional program but now this one created Error 6 as well. we do not know how to solve this error.
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