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  1. Hi guys! I using i3 json pallet to transform a big cluster into json. The cluster has a lot of information and one of them is an array with 600 position. The cluster's size is approx. 6kb, which isnt too much. When im transfering, it takes approx. 1 sec to transfer. What should i do?
  2. Ok, let me explain again with more infos. My sub vi is attached. As you all can see, i just manipulate array, doesnt matter which type it is, like any array function in array pallete. Butttt, when I plug in the input one array of string, i get error, because the data type is different. This error doesnt appear when we use "index array", for example.
  3. Hi guys, Im creating a sub vi that manipulates an array, butttt the input doesnt work as any array function in the pallete. What should i do?
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