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  1. I've been asked by my professor to create a VI that takes a .wav file and performs short-time Fourier transform on it. Here is the link to the VI. http://puu.sh/l8jLp/4cd3dcddb5.png http://puu.sh/l8kc7/14634e764e.png One issue is that I have two power spectrums because there is no power spectrum displayed from the Auto Power Spectrum VI (I do not know what went wrong there) so I created Power Spectrum 2, which did display the power spectrum. The next task for me is to perform some spectral analysis using the power spectrum and the spectrogram. Since the power spectrum displays sh
  2. I gave up on making a LabVIEW VI. Does anyone have a separate reliable program that converts an mp3 file to a wav file?
  3. OK I just installed Windows 10 through VirtualBox the other day and everything seems to be in working order.
  4. Hi all, Is there a VI that allows me to load an mp3 file, read the mp3 file, convert it to a .wav file, and then create the .wav file in the same directory? Thanks!
  5. Where did you download the mac version? i can't seem to find the actual download page on the NI site.
  6. Does anyone else have the problem where you cannot use the LabVIEW shortcut keys on the virtual machine?
  7. I am setting up the virtual machine right now and I am new to it. VirtualBox gave me several 'hard disk file type' options (virtual box disk image, virtual machine disk, virtual hard disk, parallels hard disk, QEMU enhanced disk, or QCOW - QEMU Copy-on-Write). Then I had the option to choose a dynamically allocated hard disk file (will only use space on my physical hard disk file as it fills up, up to a maximum fixed size, and it will not shrink automatically when space on it is freed) or a fixed size hard disk file (which may take longer to create on some systems but is faster to use). I
  8. I am forgoing the option to dual boot Windows on my Mac so performance is not affected. Rather, I am looking for a reliable virtual machine that LabVIEW performs the best on.
  9. I just started using LabVIEW three months ago for my class so I know there may be problems with the Mac version of LabVIEW so I would prefer to download the Windows version. What would be the best way to get it on my MacBook Pro? Thanks a lot!
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