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    except this got any others way to do it??
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    I used vision system to see my equipment and get the reading from a camera in my computer. how to make the reading can be read easily when my measuring cylinder and the water inside is transparent? cannot put colouring because my project is measure water density and it will affect its density. Cannot put a float because It will block my limit switch. Hope to heard suggestions from you guys. Thanks.
  3. Hi all. My project is use the myrio and labview to control my lab equipment through internet. Now I had finished my program and able to control all my equipment using the labview run in my computer. How can I publish it on the internet and able to control it ? I got heard one method to convert it to html file using the web publishing tool. I tried the tutorial but at the end I only saw the programming language but not the control panel that I had created. How should I do?? Hope to heard you all soon. Thanks.
  4. Hi all. I need to create a laview program to on and off a weight scale. If the switch button is pressed, it will increase its current output to 5V. And if the switch button is off, it will go to 0V. Hope to hear you guys soon. Thank you.
  5. HI @JKSH , my project is about remote lab, need to remote my laboratory equipment through internet, so my supervisor asked me to convert my completed vi program to HTML file so that I can connect and control through internet. How should I do this??
  6. Hi everyone. I have completed my labview program and now I am requested to convert the file into HTML file. I would like to ask for help. What Is HTML and how can I convert it ? Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks .
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