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  1. Hi all, I have been trying to use VIPM to distribute drivers that rely on a .NET framework that is unsigned (i.e not in the global assembly cache). My issue is that after the package is installed, none of the VIs will work because LabVIEW cannot locate the .net assembly. However, if I launch labview by opening the library VIPM installed, all of the VIs will work, and LabVIEW is able to locate the the .Net framework and it appears in the main application instance. I need to be able to use the installed vis all the time, not just when LabVIEW is launched in this particular way. Here is a link to all the all the files I used: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yjt2a0t8msxhgfn/AAC4VVW-hPawwXtGMrZ6wuIra?dl=0 Here are the steps I went through: 1) We put all the .NET dlls and the LabVIEW.exe.config file in the Labview directory. 2) We installed the package on our computer. 3)We closed everything and relaunched Labview from the start menu. Then accessed the BioRobotics/Vicon palette. 4)We placed the Get Ref subVI on the block diagram, opened it up, and ran it it. 5) We got the following error: We also get a similar error for any VI that uses a method associated with the .NET dll. 6) However, if we again start with everything closed and launch Labview by clicking on the VICON.lvlib located in the vi.lib 7) Then repeat steps 3 and 4. We do not get any errors in the VIs on the palette, and the .Net assembly loads fine. We can even close the library and everything still works. Somehow opening the library first makes LabVIEW know to load the ViconDataStreamSDK_DotNet assembly when using functions on the Vicon palette. If anyone does attempt to build a new package, it is worth noting that I included the dlls in the source files, and in the same folder as the vipb: Thanks! Callan
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