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  1. Thanks for the commend, I have seen composition used before and I should have included it. So is that (Composition) the standard way of dealing with objects that have some things in common but something that are not? I'm just really curious because this seems to come up a lot in the couple years we've been using LabVIEW OOP, especially when you are developing HALs. For example lets say you have a power supply class. Most power supplies have a init, close, set voltage, set current, etc but occasionally you'll come across one that has additional (useful) functionality that the others don'
  2. Lets say I have a class hierarchy like this: NOTE: Stole this hierarchy from this thread because it was helpful in understanding my problem. The classes have functions that look like the below. The intent is that any animal can have a name but only dogs can bark and only cats can meow. There is also a "Find Animal" VI that takes an array of animals and finds the first object with the provided name. And I use it to write code that looks like this: Obviously after the find animal I have a broken wire because any animal can come out of the find animal and the compiler cant guarantee
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