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    Hi All, Software: Teststand 2010 LabVIEW 2012 Target: I created a custom steptypes that including a Pre-step and a Edit-step.When I run teststand, I want to online debug Edit vi. Details: As picture program suspend,only when I click stepinto button,teststand invoke Edit-step vi, if I Invoke stepover button, teststand don't invoke Edit-step vi,just invoke pre-step VI. Can you give me some solution? Edit.vi Pre.vi Sequence File 1.seq
  2. Hi hooovahh, Thanks for your reply. Your information is very useful to me.I will research it.
  3. Hello All, How to add license to LabVIEW application,and application license activation interface like attached picture. which company's software can solve this problem,and how to realize it?
  4. Hello Yair, thanks for your reply.Using clusters or subpanels, Do I insert clusters to Tree control? About your suggestion using a .NET control, I have no experience about .NET.
  5. Hello, there is a LabVIEW tree control style, I think it's a good design.But I have no idea how to realize. I hope someone can give me some idea.
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