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  1. is it possible to use linx and lifa (LABVIEW INTERFACE FOR ARDUINO) at the same time in labview?
  2. Hi! I am trying to use arduino to control a servo motor in labview. I searched for sample codes available online using LIFA and LINX. Unfortunately, none of them worked. I am very sure that I used the exact codes that are available online. I tried using another programming language(mblock) and the arduino and servo motor worked. Is there any other reason why the codes aren't working properly? Or other factors that might hinder the codes to work properly?
  3. How to make a database using sqlite

  4. i am new in labview and this program occurring some error about dependency path please explain what should i do please
  5. i am encountering a problem regarding the create palette, there is no indicator, constant and control what i should i do ? thank you for answering
  6. hello, im new in LabVIEW and i have a research can you help me ? i need to connect the qr code to a database how can make a code of it i mean the situation is if the qr code reader read the code it will go to the database and see if data that he reads is valid and the qr code will display a word valid. thank you in advance please i need your help this is the diagram of the qr code reader
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