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  1. bbean's post in IE crashes when opening remote panel was marked as the answer   
    I have been having problems with Remote Front Panels not working anymore with IE as of the lastest MS security update.  See here  https://lavag.org/topic/19216-labview-ie-plugin-blocked-following-latest-win-7-update/
    NI is still working on the issue, but based on my discussions it appears support for Remote Front Panels is bleeding a slow death.  Here's how I would summarize the situation to date if you have the latest and greatest software versions and OS (Win7) updates:
    Internet Explorer - Does not work, reason unknown (may be an ActiveX signing (Not Verified) or registration issue), being investigated (slowly) by NI
    Chrome - DOES NOT WORK, npapi plugin no longer supported by Chrome and will not load in the latest version of Chrome
    Firefox - Does not work by default, requires changing plugin settings to work.
    Opera - Works currently, but plugin will not be supported in the future according to Opera
    Regarding your situation with Firefox, I think you should be able to get it to work.  My colleague was able to get Firefox working by changing some plug in settings.  I am having trouble finding a link to the steps he took.  This page looks old but may work:
    Opera browser should work out of the box
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