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  1. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much. The weird thing is that when I wire up a Property Node to the XNode ref, it says there are no properties available. I wasn't able to copy your Property Node onto my block diagram so I wired up the XNode ref to a Property Node via a To More Generic Class. This allowed me access to all the properties and then I was able to remove the To More Generic Class without errors.
  2. Hello, Has anyone tried to obtain the path to the VI that called an Xnode? I've gone through most of the Xnode abilities and it seems the only one that actually provides me with the correct VI path is "OnOwnerChange", which provides me with a reference to the "Owning Diagram". I was hoping to get the path on Initialize or Drop so that I can save it into the Xnode's data. The main idea behind this is that I want to create an Xnode with a list of acceptable inputs. The list of acceptable inputs would be stored in a text file in the same folder as the calling VI, and the Xnode would re
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