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  1. Maybe a newbie question, but how does someone help contribute items to the packages? I have few VIs that I believe to be useful enough that should be out for everyone to use. How would I go about doing that? Thanks
  2. I work in audio and the was testing filer passband flatness, but the AP box would only give me all the data and I had to start before and after my passband to get clean data. I used this to chop the data to just my passband and get max & min from the resulting array.
  3. The original functionality be its current not inclusiveness of the last element?
  4. My follow up to this, is I would be willing to get the work done on this VI at least. But how would I go about getting out for everyone to benefit from it? EDIT: Started thread on this-
  5. Currently it does not like actually having the brackets included in the string. I could see a version that uses the () to be exclusive and [] to be inclusive per typically range syntax. Following ensegre's example above [-4:-2) would give 4,3 [-4:-2] would give 4,3,2 (-4:-2) would give 3 Opinions?
  6. Is the OpenG toolkit basically under no maintenance?
  7. I was using the Slice 1D Array (DBL)__ogtk.vi and noticed it seem to always be missing the one end point. The VI documentation points to this. For -4:-2, it should return 3 elements, not just two as listed. This issue appears to be a missing increment for the Default case (see attached screenshot). How do I help to get this fixed an deployed into OpenG Array package?
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