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  1. Hi drjdpowell , Thank for your reply. Yes but I have found nothing useful. I want to have something like this. Thank
  2. Hi community, can someone help me ? i want to plot data on intensity graph but i dont know how to do that with labview. my project is about a tracking System. i have a sensor with 50 channels. The channels are arranged linearly. ie the sensor is about 20cm Long. the sensor is placed in the Box and i have attached a green marker on the box. With the camera, i track the green marker and get the Position of the sensor , ie x and y coordinates. When i move my sensor, i always get the coordinates(x,y) and 50 data per Position. Now i want to represent the data on a intensity graph or Chart (like a B-Scan) but i dont have any idea how to do that. Please help me Thank you
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