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  1. No I haven't actually. It is an interesting concept, but wouldn't there be performance considerations if I ran so many loops at once? I would have: Event handling loop UI message loop 5 loops, one for each measurement (like the acquisition and logging loop) 4 loops for my instruments That gives a total of 11 loops that would all be running in parallel, some idle, some doing something.
  2. Hi guys! Is it possible to decouple two state machines that are nested within each other? Meaning there is an outer state machine (do measurement 1..n, exit application etc.) and inner ones (program control of how to perform said measurements).The outer state machine accepts commands from the UI loop, the inner state machine passes commands to instruments. I would like to make my code more modular, hence the question. I have attached a screenshot of an example. The middle structure is what is bothering me.
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