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  1. Oh Thanks a lot ShaunR ! I will study your vi this night. Very interesting. what advice would you give to someone who wants to learn how to make this kind of vi? My level is too bad in C to translate C into labview. (that’s why I like dotnet controls 😉, work is already done). Is there a book or a website you could recommend for C beginers ? see you later ! 🙂
  2. Absolutely. That’s the user32.dll function I’m referring to.
  3. Hello Forum ! I am looking for any external code to get blur effect into some of my FP. Is there any chance to blur a text or any control or the background of the FP window. Do you know any labview-compliant dotnet components that can realise this and wich can be easily integrated into a vi. I ’ve searched on the web but my knowlegde about winforms and WFP is null. Any dotnet solution that could blur the FP background would be wonderfull. It seems user32.dll would be able to do that . But I can’t find the way for this. Any example on your side ? Already ok is
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