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  1. Hi I want to bulid a system to collect multi sensors (with RS232 and can not set AT command) through GPRS DTU. My problem is: 1.Would GPRS DTU with preset center server's static IP address and Port number auto connect to center when the power is up? 2. If the sensor can't assign address,would the server be possible to differentiate the source sensor through the Source IP address from the "TCP wait on Listener vi" ? Thanks! Best regards Alex
  2. Hi I want to build a server to get remote sensor data through GPRS DTU, APN bind SIM card. want to use remote DTU IP address to distinguish the remote site! Is it possible? Best regards. Alex
  3. I am new to Labview! I build a Vi to perform serial comm to test the visa info. First, I test this vi at virtual ports ,comm1 for serial program, comm 2 for this vi,one for transmission and one for receiving. OK! but when I use it at single Comm3 (Prolific USB serial port,MAX's view is OK) and loopback ,I got Error -1073807298! I Don't figure out what's the problem, Could Give me some advice? Thanks! serialnew.vi
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