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  1. Solved. Unfortunately I really need to have DD method for every class.
  2. I have DD method ConstSetup for setting some constant part of object. Object has some other objects inserted into (cluster Objs). I call DD method ConstSetup for all inserted objects too. However I have to declare DD method ConstSetup for every class because some part of method (cluster Objs and cluster Const) is strictly typed (see image). Is any way to avoid this strict typing to allow only one ConstSetup method in parent root class ?
  3. I see advantages of "constructor" method solution (flexibility, DD/ inheritance, ...). But this produces huge init VI BD (see example for only5 nested objects and imagine the same for 100 objects). I'd like to have something more readable/maintainable. How do you manage initialization/"construction" of hundreds of nested objects?
  4. Sry for thread necromancy. However this thread perfectly describes the problem (especially Daklu's, Dan DeFriese's and AQ's comments) so its suitable place to continue... After 1 year of my LV app framework development I hit this problem of editing non-default value of LV class constant. Has the problem progressed anyhow ? Do we (LV) have any LV class instance initial value editor? My framework ended with 1 main object including some constant properties and nested objects (with their constant properties and eventually more nested objects - more levels hierarchy). So the problem of setting initial non-default data values is more complicated. I'm trying to develop some own procedure to view/set initial non-default values but no full success. The setting is definitely made during development so I can use scripting or other methods available in development phase only. Any ideas? Recommendations? Tools? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I tried to download some videos however only few successfully. Lost connection/interrupted download/server not responding again and again. (Used download tools: MozillaFirefox or FTP client WINSCP). Any help please?
  6. I'm not able to solve DVRs problem. See project file. 1. IO.lvlib exists in two versions: one with single variables + processSimulation.vi that simulates process/machine i.e. takes outputs, calculates process behaviour and writes inputs; the second version of IO.lvlib has variables as IOaliases. Simply swaping these two versions allows to run project on real target with machine or to run project on PC without target/machine. Thats why I use these IO.lvlib variables. 2. Every subsystem is an object/class with method DoSomething that calculates response to inputs and writes outputs. 3. I¨d like to call these objects DoSomething.vi method in one loop. Thats why it's not possible to have inputs/outputs as terminals of DoSomething.vi 4. I've tried to solve the problem with DVRs: every object is created by constructor including inputs/outputs DVRs initializing. However I'm not able to use DVRs inside DOSomething method. What am I doing wrong? One solution is to avoid loop call and spread all (about 50) DoSomething.vi calls including inputs/outputs terminals onto block diagram. But this is definitely not well arranged solution. Do you see anything wrong concerning my solution in general? How to access DVR inside class method? Any other ideas, comments? Thanks. IOrefs.zip
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