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  1. So this is how it can be done. Convert to fractional string representation. Build a protocol which has only a trailer (end of file). decode('ascii') and convert to useful representation with comma seperated values. Check the python. python_clientASCII.py
  2. Yes one will have to chose a more standard format to sent over the TCP networking interface. It kind of works now, if you plot the readable values from the python console the data matches. But there will still be some try and error to find the best data format or the thing 'by adding size headers to everything' (self-made protocol, might just do the trick) - it will eventually work. A 'sort-of-solution' in the files. Thx for the github link! python_client2.txt Sine.vi Simple TCP - ServerSINE.vi
  3. How do you decode, unpack a flattened string in python which was sent by a LabVIEW TCP server? I want to exchange data via loopback. Therefore I take a sine wave and flatten it to string and sent over the network Simple TCP - ServerSINE.viSimple TCP - ServerSINE.vi. Then I have to decode the incoming data in a way that I have the correct numerical values like when I plot them in LabVIEW. I did this so far in python_client.py but the values are wrong. Does anyone know how to work with the transferred Data in python?
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