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  1. Hi,I have a tree view with a lot of nodes. Based on other input I am able to expand the tree at an appropriate location and select a specified node.But what isn't happening is the tree view is not scrolling to the appropriate location.Couldn't work out how to do this programmatically. Thanks
  2. Manually right now just to show my idea. But I want to do this with code. What kind of nested looping should I do so that I can Read and Write the selected Row and Column of the 2D array ?
  3. Yes. Exactly!!! this is what I am thinking. But Source should be Cluster. Screenshot may clear my idea
  4. @Neil Pate: Yes, I also need to show the value by 1 and 0, but source for value 0 and 1, will be the same cluster which posses Enum too. I try to make you understand my problem with screenshot. How do I get the Enum Values and boolean value in the same array.
  5. I am trying to execute this Code to get Enum Element to array according to your suggestion.
  6. Dear Neil Pate, I dont want answer. I just want your advice and suggestions of you and all other experts. I always be thankful to you for discussion. Big Thaaaaaaaaanks
  7. Thank you for the direction. I really appreciate you help all the time. But I also need to finish my project in time so I have to try this example as well. I am trying to learn the concept and also the finish my work together. thank you all experts for your direction all the time.
  8. I started Labview in my master studies in 2014 and just the basic knowledge. So I want to learn Labview thoroughly. Now doing internship in field of R&D for sensor and one part is software development for it. so Learning GUI software development using Labview. Thank you for asking.
  9. @Neil Pate: I am presenting New Idea. Should I try to implement it or not? Is It technically possible? I am trying to explain my idea through Screenshot. Kindly guide me.
  10. @Neil Pate: Yeah. I got the concept but I am not able to execute this looping in the VI's. Because of the large project and use of OpenG VI's recurringly. I execute the change in one OpenG VI and all the instance get changed. Thus get more confuse and also get some messed output. Really need your Powerful help. Thank you...
  11. Dear Neil Pate, As to initialize my project, I need to display all possible value of enum in treeview. Maybe my Screenshot will make it more clear. Thank you!
  12. @smithd: I tried your suggestion about built-in function of labview for drag and drop operation. I am attaching the my example VI. Kindly have look over it and suggest me my mistake over it. Thank you Tree to Table.vi
  13. @Neil Pate: As the Config cluster( current example) is my Process Image of the system, so Enum values are my data channel. Thus once I get the treeview I can use them and I dont need the value column at all for treeview.
  14. @Neil Pate: I am trying to solve this problem from last 15 days and yet the confusion is same. Can you guide me little more detail, how can this problem can be solved ? thank you!!!
  15. @Neil Pate: Got the Enum Value in the string Array and used Index Array to get the each value but i am just able to get the last value. So question is how i do the looping to get all the value in string control. attaching the screenshot. And still the last value is displayed in the item list only.
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