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  1. thanks crelf! By code coverage I mean the ratio (or percentage) of the LabVIEW source code used up by my test cases to the total LabVIEW source code. For profiling, I guess LabVIEW inbuilt profiler should do for my current use.
  2. currently we can right click on a control and create a property node or an invoke node. Take a look at this diagram - It's not possible to right click on the wire and create a property or invoke node. Neither is it possible to do so by right clicking on the tunnel. If you want the property node of the control inside the sequence structure, you must right click on the control and create a property node and move it inside the sequence structure.
  3. I have a bunch of test cases written in LabVIEW 8.0 and I need to measure their code coverage as a precentage of the total LabVIEW source code. Wondering if there are any tried and tested tools out there which people are using Also, I need a profiling tool for a different application. If anybody is usiing a profiling tool, please let me know.
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