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  1. Problem solved with the merge overlay function : see thread https://forums.ni.com/t5/Machine-Vision/save-image-with-overlay-to-jpeg-file/td-p/99104 The problem lies in the principle of the overlay, which does not alter the initial image (just the Labview display). To alleviate it you basically just need to invert a merge overlay function. Cheers, Pierre
  2. Hello, I have begun a VI to manipulate jpg : the VI takes 2 jpg, convert them to BW, scales and translates them and finally superimpose recompile them as different color channel (Red and Green) of a new image. This does work well until the recombination step : I cannot get any output from the ImageToArray function. I tried many work around such as saving the image in another file, changing the structure of the file (event - stacked), using local variables, ... but nothing seems to work Thank you for any help or comments, Pierre SLMv05.vi
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