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  1. That grayed out is my issue too It is possible to add an ECU and select protocol version 1.3 but it seems it has no connection with the message definition which is forced to enhanced anyway. The property You found is output one and cannot be set - found it in the Frame Node - can't change it, just read it from db. At least I didn't found a way yet to change it. I'll try the automotive forum, TY
  2. I have a CRC/Checksum issue with NI-XNET 16.0 LIN. It seems I am getting wrong CRC (error 6) with normal frames but it is fine with 3c/3d diag frames. The difference is the checksum type - diag frames are having classing type while other types are having enhanced ... I want to switch the CRC/Checksum type to classic or the protocol version to 1.3 (which have classic crc for all frames like my device probably has since it is a older one) but it seems database editor does not allows this feature - enforces Enhanced for every frame except diag ones and cannot be changed. Is there a way to switch it somehow? If not from db at least from code ... TY.
  3. Made the code using variant just to find out TestStand have problems with passing variants ... At least I did not succeeded to create a Global variable to hold a variant and pass it to the steps (tried container and object reference) - forums are full with this issue, I'll see what I can understand from them. Update1: Pfff - seems it is not working, at least not with my version of TestStand: http://forums.ni.com/t5/NI-TestStand/LabVIEW-Variant-Attributes-get-lost-in-TestStand/td-p/3172358 Update2: Managed to make it work with DVR - probably is even better since the 2-300 line lookup table is not copied in every step.
  4. Just found the lookup tables (variant) - probably I'll go this way if there are no better ideas.
  5. I have a CSV with data like: Name Addr Number Paul 13 235 Sarah 1 15 I need the fastest possible way to get the Addr/Number pair which matches the searched name (exact match, occurs only once). The whole search will be called lots of times from a teststand - this is why I need to have it fast. The simplest is to load the csv into array once than do a loop with string compare (fastest in this case probably being the string subset). Is there any faster way for achieving this without hardcoding the name,addr/number pairs into a switch/case?
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