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  1. that's very insightful thank you. NI nicely outlines what I need to know for a CLD. I think I will prepare like I am taking a CLD exam for this interview.
  2. At my current job I work primarily in LabVIEW but not on a daily basis. Coding discipline is lax as the software organisation is fairly new and everything is made to just work for a single project. I will be interviewing at a startup for a position requiring mostly LabVIEW and would like to have some advice on how to prepare. I've looked at Core 1, 2 and took a in person class for embedded controls and monitoring. In addition, I've read LabVIEW for everyone and LabVIEW Essentials. However, I feel like I'm on shaky grounds and can't confidently call myself a professional LabVIEW devel
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