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  1. I considered "static images" pict_ring as well. As you say - with 3 frame gif changing at 0,4s it is not a big deal. The truth is, I was unable to get rid of that nasty frame around. And frameless button/indicator is a must for my application. I finally found out, how to make "complete transparent" picture and checked the shadowing as you described it. Now I wonder how transparent tabs are made. I do not see any color property in the menu.
  2. Thanx a lot hooovahh, your solution works for me! Could you please teach me, how to do it? - I dont know, how to make transparent "transition states" of button control. For ON and OFF states its possible to set it in properties. For button transition states, I am lost. - How did you add "shadowing" for transparent button. - Could this work also with picture ring indicator? 4 state picture ring indicator should be more logic for control (I could convert 2 bit boolean array to numer giving value to picture ring). Do you have any idea why is it not working with my pictures / gifs? Once again, thanx a lot for your help!
  3. Thanks for fast replies. I found advice about pict_ring control while googling few days ago, but somehow Im unable to implement it. I created type def of pict_ring and added few pictures, but they do not show in. See snap photo below. Another problem is, that LabVIEW does not accept gifs in form I have posted here. You can try it by yourself if you are willing to, but message about error appears to me everytime Im trying to load one of the attached gifs as a picture (to standard OK button). And last problem of all, Its clickable control so far. One click makes it OFF (red), another makes it ON. How to solve this, If I use indicator instead of control?
  4. Hello, I would like to implement "pump running" feedback from the pump to a customized pump control so it will have following 4 states: OFF , OFF RUNNING , ON , ON RUNNING Is it possible in LabVIEW 2011?
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