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  1. Hi! I need your help again. I still have a doubt regarding the table control. How can I work on the individual rows? For example i have values of Y and C for G57 and i want to avaoid selecting the rows every time. How do I select the row depending on the options like G54 and so on. The "G54-59" will be given by the user. After the value is given I have to read the values and also be able to save them. Also it should be able to recognize if G54.1 (for example) is not there then it should automatically add a new row. Thank you
  2. First of all thank you so much for the references although i might have to go through them more than once. I need to learn a lotttt. It's been hardly one year since I began LabVIEW Thank you for your help, really appreciate it, though it makes me feel like i should just ask you all my doubts regarding the project and maybe give it to you to see how differently you would do it.
  3. could i please ask how many years of experience do you have? Your program just seems so clean and easy to understand. I would have never thought of openG, never worked with it. Global variable is required because this is just a SubVI and Y and C has to be read from the main VI.
  4. Problem is not Setting the values. Problem is when i run the program and the saved values are read and I want to just change one value or overwrite one value, all the other value changes to 0 and only that new value stays in the table and if i click okay only that value is saved (obviously) and when i re-run again only one value can be saved in the table (again, obviously). What i want is to be able to overwrite the values without changing the rest of them. How can i do this? Also, how can the user add new row from the front panel? for example G54.1 which automatically should be after G54.
  5. Thank you for the response. My code looks bit messy and it's not a complete program so for now i've just put random values. I've a lot of doubts working with a table. So any reference is welcome! Subvi_WCS.vi
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding re-writing values in a table. I have a table (attached as png). I have to save and read the values from this table and main point re-write. I have been able to save and read but whenever i try to re-write a value or give in a new value in the table, it turns all the other values to zero and only the new value(s) is then shown. Do you know how i can avoid that? And one more thing i have used .ini to save the values. Is there any easier way to do so? Thank you
  7. Why didn't i think of it ? I was doing some stupid mistake but his really helped. Thanks a ton!
  8. I am sorry, i don't think i made myself clear. My question is not separating the numbers from the string. I have to write the number in an array, which is also easy. The only problem is i don't want the array to write 0 when the value is not given. Instead of writing zero i want array to not change at all. Just an example: justanexample.vi
  9. Could anybody help me with this? I'm still struggling -.-
  10. yes the user types in the "string". Basically the numbers are the positions the machine has to move. So with search and split string we can get the individual numbers out and give it to the machine. And that is exactly why i can't ask the user to give in the individual values. That would take a longer time and also giving it in a string would make it easy for a layman to run the program.
  11. Sorry i haven't mentioned before.. i have done the search and split stuff and read the value and now giving to the system. The problem lies only when i don't have to give 3 of the 5 values every time because they remain the same. I will have to write them when they change. Other two change more often.
  12. According to my supervisor i shouldn't be asking for the individual values that's why I had to make it complicated
  13. Thank you for your help. I know these ways but it is not really helping me. Let me explain a bit more. So there is a string where i give the value as for eg x23y45z3 then i read only the values and give it to the system. Now if I write like x45y23 then the value if z should remain unchanged (3 in this case). But with the above way the saved value for z would then be 0 which i do not want. What do i do? Hope I have made myself clear enough.
  14. Hello I have a question regarding storing a value until changed. This might be confusing so ask me if you have any question. Since i can't share my program because of some adminishtrative rules i will try my best to give an example. So i have to give in 3 values say x, y, z and if these values are not given, the program has to read the previous value. For this i think i have to store the value and if it's not given read the value from the place i have stored. How do i do this? Thank you for your help
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