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  1. hi, crelf, Thank you for you help. I can got the output data from both lock-in amplifier and temperature in labview, i think i understand how to use x-y graphs, thank you very much. shuo shuo
  2. oh, thank you. do you think i should use 1d array, not DBL value, i can change it. but the problem is that, when i use this subvi , i insert the probe on both wire, there are nothing happend, in other words, there is no value, always 0. But the lockin amplifier Vi and temperature VI are running fun, no errors, and have values.I don't know why. here is my lockin VI and temperature VI, and the lockin amplifier driver. Thank you for ur help. shuoshuo Download File:post-5682-1156512768.vi Download File:post-5682-1156512789.vi Download File:post-5682-1156512825.llb
  3. Hi, thank you for you reply. I built the 2 Vis, one is indicate the temperature and other one indicated the resistance, when i try to use subvi to plot the two kinds of data in xy axies, there are nothing. as you can see from the graph below, the value of the probe are both zero, i don't know why, can any one give me some ideas?? thanks lot. :worship: sorry forgot the VIs. sorry wrong one!!!! this is correct!! Download File:post-5682-1156429804.vi Download File:post-5682-1156429874.vi
  4. I did look the help, thank you anyway. i try few ways, but doesn't work. I think there are some problems about access data.
  5. hello, everyone, i am new here. I am try to plot a graph with x axies(resistance), y axies(temperature.)the data both are DBL 64bit. Can any one give me some ideas how to do it?? thanks lot best wishes shuoshuo
  6. hi, thanks for you help! :thumbup: It is works very well. But i still have a small problem. how can I call the saving, I mean when I need to save the graph it will allow me to save(not with while loop, i know the way with while loop. ) Can anyone give me some help!! thanks lots. Download File:post-5682-1153927815.vi
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