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  1. The LabVIEW 2021 Beta is now available for download. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-2021-Public-Beta/LabVIEW-2021-Beta-Now-Available/td-p/4144143
  2. To quote Greg McKaskle, "These obscure features are typically kind of like the attic or basement of a house, not finished out, not very interesting, and potentially harmful. [...] If you experiment with the .ini file and you crash mysteriously losing hours of work, I'd suggest putting the file back to the way LV left it. Don't ask tech support to fix it or complain that the LV attic has rusty nails and splinters." :-) But, if you really want to know, the token allows you to enable some features on subpanels that will most likely crash LabVIEW. Some of the decorations are now in the Silver
  3. enableSecretPopups - I put this token into LabVIEW 2011 for Silver control development, as a quick-and-dirty way to make low-level control edits. I've been giving it out to people on a very limited basis, but I guess since it's out here I'll widen the audience. I show a screenshot of the new menu items in https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-17431 Once this token is enabled, you'll be able to see the settings on parts of the Silver controls to get an idea what they do. eg "Left Move" means the part will move left when its "master" part changes size via moving its left edge. "Left Gro
  4. I almost didn't get them finished in time, but I will be donating a hand-made necklace and bracelet featuring the "top" (ahem) new feature of LabVIEW 2014! That's right, the launch icon! They're reversible: 32-bit launch icon on one side, and 64-bit on the other. Some assembly required: I'm not tying off the cords so you can adjust them to fit. [i've been told men might not want to wear a necklace, but, hey, you could always share with someone special!] Brought to you by Christina Rogers, member of LabVIEW R&D, author of the Eyes on VIs blog, and creator of the (free!) gra
  5. I have a hard time believing whoever wrote this code thought this was a good variable name - it's a shortened form of "Assimilated Window."

    1. Michael Aivaliotis
    2. Aristos Queue

      Aristos Queue

      That's on par with our "panel ordering" file name: "panelord.cpp"

  6. Thanks for sharing these and also thank you for permission to repost your videos to YouTube! The LabVIEW Coding Challenge is now posted in two parts: and
  7. Most of what I changed for listboxes in 2013 was related to calculating cell boundaries. From profiling the code, I discovered that a) when all rows were the same height, the algorithm for calculating a cell's bounds was slower than it needed to be and b) we were calculating cell bounds more often than we needed to. Since it's fairly common for all rows to be the same height, it was worth putting in an optimization for that case.
  8. You're welcome. (And sorry it took so long for us to find a way to address this). The changes that improved this performance were specific to the listbox, multicolumn listbox, table and tree controls. I don't expect that they will conflict with any "programming around the problem" tricks that you've used in the past.
  9. There are no zero-pixel width splitters. (Sorry - I know they would be really useful). But Jack is correct that this should work without the top-level splitters. My recommendation is to avoid the VI property "Scale all objects on front panel as the window resizes." It almost never does what you want. Jack's example VIs work for me, but I'm guessing they are behaving differently for you because of this setting. I'm attaching a modified example that does not have that setting. Can you let me know if it works for you? Also, the "Scale Objects While Resizing" setting on the Pane (w
  10. I gave away a couple advance copies of my graphic novel at the LAVA BBQ, and I'm pleased to share that the book is finally done and available for download or purchase! Anticipated FAQ: Who are you? I'm in LabVIEW R&D. I write the Eyes on VIs blog. What's a graphic novel? It's a story told in comic book format. Did you write it? Yes. Did you draw it? No. I illustrated it using 3D models rendered with a toon shader. What's it about? Here's the blurb: "500 years after the banishment of wizards, the kingdom of Valheigh faces the unthinkable: the rediscovery of wizardry and the retur
  11. Unfortunately, that is what I'm saying. There is, as it turns out, a reason why we went without multi-select right-click menus for so long. I agree it's less-than-optimal. I don't think of it as "done" but I can see your point that it might be hard to lobby for adding particular menu items. Is there anything that would make you more "delighted" without covering every available right-click menu option? Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention this earlier, but the multi-select right-click not working in the Control Editor (and thus also for LVClass private data) is a bug that has been reported and shou
  12. Unfortunately, the reason that this doesn't work the way you expect is that it was a lot more expensive to implement multi-select right-click menus than you would think. We don't have plans to put every right-click menu option into the multi-select menu framework, but if there are specific ones that you think have high value (e.g. common operations, operations not in Properties) then please let me know or propose it on Idea Exchange and I'll see what we can do.
  13. If you go to View>>Getting Started window and click the Create Project button, it should invoke the dialog even if you have the INI token set to make blank projects from the menu.
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