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  1. I have a hard time believing whoever wrote this code thought this was a good variable name - it's a shortened form of "Assimilated Window."

    1. Michael Aivaliotis
    2. Aristos Queue

      Aristos Queue

      That's on par with our "panel ordering" file name: "panelord.cpp"

  2. Yay, FIRST! Check out "i.am FIRST: Science is Rock & Roll" on ABC this Sunday! http://t.co/unGzC7s #Robots #Science #Education

  3. I'm disgruntled that I had to get AQ's prototype error constant from a ZIP(!) file. #NeedsVIPM http://t.co/qjoidSA

  4. Would you rather see the post titles scrolling by, or is the number of new posts, plus the tip strip preview of headlines, preferable?

  5. #NIWeek is winding down. Thanks to everyone who attended, presented, volunteered, etc. for making it the best ever. Safe travels, y'all!

  6. I'll be at one of the #LabVIEW tables at the Peer2Peer Roundtables today over lunch. #NIWeek

  7. Really short video of the Angry Eagles demo in the #NIWeek Expo Hall: http://t.co/FRy8jOj

  8. Loved JeffK's keynote. So proud to have worked with him on LabVIEW for the past 14 years. #NIWeek

  9. Done with my #NIWeek session. On train home. Will miss hanging w/ the gang at BBQ but looking forward to cuddling my baby girl soon!

  10. Flexible GUI for Vibration Analysis session - very nice UI! #NIWeek

  11. New multicore CompactRIO performance demo - I see Silver controls! :-) #NIWeek

  12. Eyes on VIs blog: "NI LabVIEW 2011" http://t.co/cmDRGtt

  13. I feel that we should warn our out-of-town #NIWeek guests that Austin is expecting a high of 107F(42C) on Tuesday.

  14. LabVIEW 4.1. No Undo! RT @labview Did you know #LabVIEW turns 25 this year? What’s the earliest version you used?

  15. I have to admit that I'm REALLY impressed with the #LabVIEW Marketing folks today. (I got a preview of some #NIWeek content!)

  16. Today I dressed in the NI "uniform" (polo and slacks) for a podcast interview/pics. Feels like some kind of #NIWeek dress rehearsal! :-)

  17. If you've used #LabVIEW RT and/or FPGA, can you spare 5 min to help my friends in Marketing by completing this survey? http://t.co/KcrFu8v

  18. But @brianhpowell wouldn't go for it. @njhollenback liked the idea and said I should be in Marketing. I cringed. :-P

  19. My #NIWeek session is Customizing LabVIEW Controls. Boring title, but I'm going to demo "secret" LV2011 Control Editor features!

  20. I had an impromptu lunch alone with Jeff Kodosky yesterday! #MyJobIsCool

  21. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the LAVA BBQ this year. My 7 month old baby girl needs me at home!

  22. Awesome cake decorating! I have some very talented coworkers! http://yfrog.com/khfo2caj

  23. Hey NIC Austin friends - NI Live Expo is in full swing in Mopac B Cafe!

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