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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply! Please refer below link https://forums.ni.com/t5/NI-TestStand/UIMSG-Trace/m-p/3912388#M59433
  2. Dear Members, Is anyone utilised the Default Teststand UI Messages? Whenever a step is executing I m getting the UIMSG_Trace(4) Event from Teststand to LabVIEW User Interface. I m trying to use the same to know the current step executing and the status of it and I could get the current step executing but i m not getting the status of the step executed. Below are the Procedure I m following to run the sequence. 1. Run Test UUTs (Running Sequential Model Directly) 2. Enter Serial Number 3. Load Client file based on serial number entered. Below are the LabVIEW code i m using to get he Step info through UIMSG_Trace Event. Here I need to take only the name of current subsequence executing and its status. I M getting the name of subsequence here, but the status is showing running ,like below formate Testcase1-->Running Testcase1-->Running Testcase2--> Running Testcase2-->Running Please help me to find the solution for above requirement Vipinraj KK
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