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  1. I have installed LabPython successfully few days ago. My goal is to experiment the possibility of calling machine learning library from python into the labview environment. So I want to run a LabPython script node that will read two local csv files for the inputs of random forest classifier. The output of the python script is the final predicted class in string format. What I did to make this work: I have set the server path to where my python27.dll located. The script is running fine until it comes through machine learning library. It ran but struck forever to run. I can ran this exactly same code in my cmd command. I believe the issue rises with calling the machine learning library. Is there anyway that I can get around with this or suggest a better way to do without python script node? Thank you, AL Labview 2015 32bits python 2.7 32 bits windows 10
  2. Hi Gavin. Thanks for your help. It is solved now! I originally have WinPython distribution. What I did is to install 2.7.13 (the latest version from python.org) and run VI Package Manager via 'Run as Administrator'. Then it worked out. Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, I wonder anyone out there having issue installing the latest LabPython v4.0.04. The Laview system i have is 2015 32 bit, windows 10, python 2.7. I tried to install the vip package from sourceforge using VI package manager. Then it showed me error code 8 saying the installation was not completed. Any thoughts anyone as to what's going on ? Could someone who has similar experience help me out on getting Labpython installed in my LV?
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