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  1. Dear All, Yes. This exe runs on same PC on which it was made. We also tried repairing and making installer before running. however it dosent work. We have attached a zip file of sample project made in Labview 2015 64 bit which gives DAQmx ,Read/Write delimted and report generation related errors as mentioned above in the exe (which is run on development PC). However, the VIs run in development mode without errors. Kindly store the project in C Drive to run VIs without modifications. There are 3 screens in this project. We have tested running Project VIs with following conditions: Condition1- Start-up VI: Screen 1 A button on the screen1 opens Screen 2. Similarly, Screen 3 opens with button on Screen 2.When Screen 3 opens,which has DAQmx ,Read/Write Delimited VIs and report generation VIs, it gives missing VIs error in exe(broken arrow). Condition2- Start-up VI: Screen 3 On start-up, Screen 3 VI runs without error. However, when we go to screen 2 and back to screen 3, it gives missing VIs error in for screen 3 in exe(broken arrow) for DAQmx ,Read/Write Delimited VIs and report generation. We find this very strange. Please help us find some solution. Thanks. Pump_Test_Bench_Project.zip
  2. Dear Sir, We have built an exe which has DAQmx and other sub VIs included in the dependencies automatically. The EXE builds successfully. However, when we run the exe on the development PC, it gives an error saying DAQmx VIs and Read delimited spreadsheet VI missing. Pls find attc. screenshot for error. Kindly help us to resolve the problem. Thanks, Regards, khmlv.
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